Saturday, December 21, 2013

More on Poem 21: Second the One, Part 2

The reason it's called Poem 21 on LoveMekanism.Org and not Poem 32 is because I knew there would be a sequel before I wrote Poem 20: Second the One, Part 1, a poetic literature series is based on a question about what "the one" might be if there were such a thing. Having sworn off the idea but still mulling over questions of "the one" given the ability to create him hypothetically, I was intrigued.

From this creative space, I wrote Poem 20 and left room in the numbering sequence for a second installment where I originally imagined she might find "the one". After writing it, I knew that there is at least a Part 3 in the series, but obviously there is already a Poem 22, so it's back to our regularly scheduled number sequence. Now that I'm invested in the story, I did not enjoy cutting it down to a simplicity comparable to Part 1 in the series.

Who would "the one", have to be given her complexities? What would she would have to see and experience in their encounters to convince her to fall in love again? Among many other questions, those created a more fulfilling challenge to me than the challenge to maintain technical consistency. So, on to the next challenge, and ok... I am an artist :)

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Uncut Original Verses from Poem 21: Second the One, Part 2

Uncut Slice of Poem 21: Part 2- Second The One

As promised in the comments on LoveMekanism.Org, here is the un-cut heavily edited portion below. This slice of the original is something my lovely creative sci-fi and science nerds might appreciate more. I cannot imagine this kind of editing going forward even now I know there will be at least a Part 3. After-the-fact, it seemed too complex to be the continuation such a simple piece: Second the One, Part 1. Enjoy!

- Love,
     Meka Love

Sunday, November 24, 2013

More on Poem 24:

I wrote Poem 25 two days ago using a different process than almost everything else on the Arts and Humanities blog. The difference is that I wrote it with no intention on sharing it... ever. I do write whatever comes, but I admit that I had to check my artistic integrity with this one. It's important to me to write all art in first person (not that there is anything wrong with third person or passive voice in art). It just is who I am as an artist.