Saturday, December 21, 2013

Uncut Original Verses from Poem 21: Second the One, Part 2

Uncut Slice of Poem 21: Part 2- Second The One

As promised in the comments on LoveMekanism.Org, here is the un-cut heavily edited portion below. This slice of the original is something my lovely creative sci-fi and science nerds might appreciate more. I cannot imagine this kind of editing going forward even now I know there will be at least a Part 3. After-the-fact, it seemed too complex to be the continuation such a simple piece: Second the One, Part 1. Enjoy!

- Love,
     Meka Love

"...Bid farewell to ourselves as no one gets upHis easy earnesty is different. I
Wonder at once, "Is this one... THE one?"
And the room eruptsAbandoning us in Deafening SilenceSuspended in hours like three seconds of forever
Whisked to our private dimension
Of clever banter and quips when
Smiling faces fade
Anchored by the weight
 Of his eyes drawn into my lips so
 Closely they strip the desire to ignore them and
 The higher calling to his beautifully bared Naked soul slightly outside my range of focus In the cold warmly waving "Come, behold." Yet I'm frozen in a moment of hesitation- til Energy that’s begging the question "Is he the one?" Changes phase and destination in a push of motion
 to second, and it's
 ...To be continued Love!"